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ArCS Cluster arranges housing, financial support and legal assistance for the refugees that we serve. However, we rely on a array of volunteers to enable us to provide the range of support that our guests require. Click here to tell us more about yourself.


Based on your interests and availability, there are three types of volunteer roles that you may consider: 

  • Hosts welcome a refugee into their home.  

  • Sponsor groups provide ongoing support for a refugee.

  • Supporters assist with periodic needs that we identify.

Serve as a Host

The Cluster assembles an entire team of volunteers that supports each guest, but each asylum seeker must first have a host.


As a host, you will welcome an asylum seeker into your home for two to three months, providing a bedroom (or more) for the asylum seeker.  In some cases, the host and asylum seeker eat together and see each other every day.  In others, they are very independent.  

Form a Sponsor Group

When new guests arrive, they have a wide range of needs.  A dedicated sponsor group helps to coordinate the ongoing support a guest requires.  Sponsor groups are made up of five to ten people, including a leader who serves as the point person.  They are focused on coordinating support for a particular individual or family.


Sponsor groups receive training from our Cluster, and then are matched with a guest.  Sponsor group members meet with the guest on a regular basis and assist the guest in addressing needs such as shopping for food, getting weather-appropriate clothing, registering children for school, and searching for a job.  


Sponsor groups can come together from a wide range of sources, such as a congregation, a neighborhood or community group, a school group, or any group with an interest in assisting local refugees.  Sponsors should be able to make a commitment of at least one year.  Some guests stay for less time and some for more, but one year is a good estimate.

Join our Team of Supporters

Supporters provide ad hoc assistance with specific needs as they arise.  As a supporter, you will receive regular email updates about our guests.  We’ll let you know about specific tasks with which we need short-term assistance, such as providing transportation to a medical appointment, researching ESL classes, or tutoring.  If you currently have the time and skills needed, you can choose to volunteer for that specific task.

Learn More 

If you have an interest in any of our volunteer opportunities, we invite you to complete our brief 

volunteer form so that we can connect you with the best opportunity.    

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