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Shelter Emergency

Hundreds of immigrant families are now sleeping at Logan Airport, in hospital waiting rooms and at MBTA stations because the state's shelter system is full. These families are here legally but are waiting for work authorization from the federal government.


ArCS Cluster is working with the state's Family Welcome Center to provide vital support.  Do you have an empty room?  Offering it to a family for just a few days can give them a chance to warm up, rest and take steps toward getting work authorization and long-term shelter. 

Serious Family
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About Us

The ArCS Cluster mobilizes local volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of refugees in Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville and nearby communities. We provide practical help, emotional support and financial assistance to individuals and families throughout their journey to establish themselves in a new community.


Your donation helps us make a difference in the lives of refugees living in our communities.



Supporters can contribute to the ArCS Cluster in many ways, offering housing, providing transportation, building English skills, assisting with job training and searches, coordinating events, writing grants, providing financial contributions, and much more.

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